About Office

Embassy of Türkiye Culture and Tourism Office

Located in the Mediterranean region and with the famous Bosphorus strait connecting the Asian and European continents, Türkiye is a unique destination and hub for cultural interaction. Add to that the different climates, nature and gastronomy that has been influenced by the diversity of many civilizations over the centuries. Located at the crossroads of cultures, Türkiye has a distinctive art and fashion culture, a synthesis between traditions and modernism. The highly dynamic shopping and entertainment venues attract visitors from all over the world.


The Culture and Tourism Office is the official representative of the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourismin Belgium and Luxembourg. The office promotes Türkiye as well as Turkish culture and ensures that Türkiye remains one of the most popular holiday destinations in Belgium and Luxembourg. It also has an informative and advisory role for questions about traveling to Türkiye or about collaborations with professionals in the tourism and culture sectors.